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Chemical Burn Injury Lawyer In Houston, Texas

The Walker Law Firm has significant experience handling personal injury claims involving toxic torts. These types of cases often relate to cancers, birth defects, serious illnesses, debilitating rashes and skin disorders, and other medical problems that can be traced back to:

  • Toxic or chemical exposure in the workplace
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Toxic dumping
  • Other kinds of environmental pollution

Houston Chemical Burn Injury Lawyer Jim Walker is well aware that there are people who are suffering from catastrophic injuries and are never able to sufficiently recover because of the ridiculously low caps on non-economic damages that have been imposed across the nation through legislature. What is ironic though is that studies have shown that jury verdicts awarding huge amounts in compensation to injury victims do not happen very often.

If you or a family member is sick or has died due to chemical or toxic exposure, Walker Texas Lawyer will aggressively pursue compensation and justice for you and your loved ones.