Walker Texas Lawyer Client Reviews


Learn more about the quality of service Walker Texas Lawyer provides by reading his Client Reviews.  Attorney James S. Walker has dedicated his life to fighting on behalf of over 25,000 clients. He has witnessed first hand the peace that comes with justice. Attorney James S. Walker is a personal injury lawyer located in Houston, Texas. Inside Houston Magazine ranks Attorney Walker as one of the top lawyers in Houston. His firm, Walker and Hunter P.C. has been voted Law Firm of the Year.


A graduate of Michigan State University with a law degree from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan, Attorney Walker, or “Walker Texas Lawyer,” as he is sometimes known, is a caring motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston Heights. He will aggressively fight to get you the compensation you deserve.



Walker Texas Lawyer Client Reviews
With Walker Texas Lawyer you’ll never face the insurance company alone.



Walker Texas Lawyer treats every client with priority and importance.  At the Walker Law Firm, you are not a number or a case file, you are a victim who deserves attention, respect and aggressive legal representation.  


Don’t take our word for it though, Read what our clients have been saying! 



“Not only does he put his full heart into everything that he does but he also fights very hard for the right cause and gets you what you deserve. He fights hard and tough but also stays extremely honest and so very kind to all of his clients. I’ve never met anyone in my life, a more motivated, strategic, go-getter lawyer than Walker. He changed my whole world with what he did for my family. We would have never been able to get the justice that was needed without him. I could never in my life thank him enough for what he did for my family. If you want someone strong willed, a fighter, and someone that goes above and beyond for justice and his clients…then you have found the right Law firm. I wish I could give a million stars cause 5 just isn’t enough. If you need to ask me about my experience personally feel free to message me. He never gave up on me….and I thank him beyond words.”


– Brittney Heath (5 Stars on Facebook and Google) 



“Walker’s personal touch is unmatched. I never have to worry about calling the office and not reaching anyone, because I always do. More times than not, a lawyer is something you need more than something you want. With that said, I feel secure with Walker in my corner and I never have to question if he and his staff have my back. He’s a great person to have on your side during difficult times. I refer all my friends and family to him.”


– Kyle Hubbard (5 Stars on Google)



“Mr. Walker took on my family member’s case and did a magnificent job. He treated my family like his own and worked very hard on it. If you need a lawyer for you or a loved one, Walker should be your first call.”  


– Brad Gilmore (5 Stars on Google)



“Thank goodness for Attorney Walker. When I got out of the hospital, I started to receive the bills and the insurance company wanted me to settle and I was in serious pain and then the hospital bills started to roll on in. Luckily, I was referred in by a friend who had been a client of Walker’s law firm.

His team helped me out of a spot that I really thought it was over.  Thank you!!!!”  


– Diane Diehl (5 Stars on Google)



“I recently used the law firm and they are all awesome. They stayed on top of everything. And closed the case quickly. I highly recommend them.”  

– Denise N.  (5 Stars on Facebook)



“I couldn’t ask for anything better! Quite simply the best in Houston.”


– Nancy Martinez (5 Stars on Facebook) 



“Over 30 years of experience fighting for the rights of victims, battling insurance companies daily on behalf of over 25k clients, and personally overseeing the handling of each case that comes through his office – James Walker is the real deal. Walker Texas Lawyer is Houston’s top lawyer. If you’ve been injured, I wouldn’t choose anyone else.”  


– Matt Topolski (5 Stars Facebook and Google)



At the Walker Law Firm, we know how to build your case and if necessary, take your case to trial.  Never try to negotiate your claim with your insurance company on your own. Most insurance companies will do all they can to under compensate and take advantage of you. Even worse, if you decide to sue they will attempt to damage your case. This occurs by trying to elicit damaging statements from you.



If you believe that you have suffered a wrongful injury, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer. They will help you identify the liabilities in your case, and help you get the answers you deserve. Walker Texas Lawyer is standing by to take your case. Call Walker Texas Lawyer today 713-552-1117 or Toll Free at 1-800-732-2934 for a free no-obligation consultation on your case.