The beautiful city of Houston is most populous in the state of Texas and without a doubt people of Houston are fond of seafaring. While enjoying the sea wind, seafarers often forget the risks of the sea. Even though people working around or on a ship love their jobs, they often forget that working in this industry comes with a lot of risks, accidents and injuries. Some injuries that fall under sea injuries are: commercial shipping accidents, commercial fishing accidents, accidents at ferries, falls during cruises or on other passenger vessels, accidents that involve forklifts or cranes at a water body, chemical Exposure Injuries, and repetitive Use Injury, and the list goes on.  If you are injured at sea, you need a lawyer that understand maritime law. However, a person should take a few important steps after getting injured while working around or on a ship:

Report the Accident

It is very important to let captain of the boat know immediately if you are injured. The Jones Act or Maritime Law states that injured parties should report the injury within seven days, but do not wait that long, inform your captain as soon as possible. Insurance companies often believe that if the injury isn’t reported immediately it isn’t serious. So always report your injuries immediately.

Seek Medical Help

If you get injured at sea, the next step should be to inform the Coast Guard so they can dispatch a helicopter to take you to a hospital before your injury gets ugly. If you are far at sea, the Coast Guard helicopter will assist you as soon as you are within the range of the United States.  Ships have the ability to contact a physician by phone or radio if the condition is serious.

Choose Your Doctor

Your workplace employers and your employer’s insurance company might suggest some doctors for you to see but always choose the doctor that seems right to you. Ensure that the doctor that you use documents everything as medical records are often used as proof when your claim needs to be filled.

Follow all your doctor’s recommendations

Make sure to obey all the doctor’s orders. Make sure to visit your doctor when called or an appointment is fixed. Missed appointments can be used to show that you have recovered totally or you were never injured severely. It is common for insurance companies to send investigators to check up on your progress. They might also take photos and videos of you during your recovery time.

Consult a Maritime Lawyer

You will need an expert maritime lawyer to support your maritime case.  Walker Law Firm, is an experienced maritime law firm and will help you better understand your rights. The Walker Law Firm specializes in personal injury cases. We are located in your hometown, Houston and have been fighting and winning for more than 25,000 clients. Having us by your side will definitely be beneficial for your case.

Incidents like these are avoidable if proper safety measures are taken.  With the help of our firm, the injured workers will have a proper way to recover damages for their injuries.

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