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Medical Malpractice: Man Sues Hospital for leaving friend’s teeth in his leg

Daniel Rigby filed a lawsuit against Croydon University Hospital for negligence for failing to spot and remove parts of teeth in his leg.  

This bizarre accident happened when Daniel Rigby and Peter Walsh were joking around with one another on a trampoline and in an instant, everything went from laughs to the emergency room.  Daniel said he was on a trampoline playing on his iPad when his best friend, Peter, came over and got on the trampoline with him.  They were playing around when Peter acted like he was going to kick Daniel and Daniel pushed his leg causing him to lose balance and Peter’s face crashed right into Daniel’s leg.      

Daniel Rigby stated, “He jumped on and jokingly tried to kick me, I pulled his leg away and his face smashed into my knee and he blacked out.¬† He was probably out for a couple of minutes. He was face down and I saw blood coming out of his mouth and teeth missing so I thought it was quite bad. I tried to stand up and then collapsed because of my leg.”

They went straight to the emergency room at Croydon University Hospital where Daniel was x-rayed and told everything was okay and they stitched him up and sent him on his way.  It was shortly after this that something was not right.  The following day Daniel went to a different hospital where the doctors opened his wound and found parts of teeth embedded in his leg.  Daniel suffers from reoccurring swelling of his knee since the accident due to Croydon University Hospital failing to remove all the teeth which caused a terrible infection.  He now claims that it will affect his employment from now on and his is reluctant to wear shorts or go swimming because he is very embarrassed of his knee.

The Croydon University Hospital would not comment on the incident of possible medical malpractice.

Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice: Man Sues Hospital for Leaving Friend’s Teeth in his Leg