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Lois Riess was finally arrested on April 20th, 2018 around 8:30pm at a restaurant in South Padre, Texas.  Lois Riess is a 56-year-old Minnesota woman who is suspected of murdering her husband and Pamela Hutchinson, a 59-year-old Florida woman.  Two federal deputy marshals arrested her in the beach resort community which is only 27 miles from the border.  It is believed that she was going to cross the border to Mexico and hide from authorities there.  Lois Riess had been on the run since March.  Authorities presume that Lois Riess killed Pamela Hutchinson to take on her identity and steal her vehicle.  

Her husband, David Riess, was found in their home with multiple gunshot wounds after his business partner contacted authorities on March 23, 2018.  David had not been to work in over two weeks and that was when his business partner called the police and asked them to check on him.  This was when authorities started their search for Lois Riess.

Lois Riess was seen in a casino in Iowa but by the time authorities arrived she was already gone.  She apparently was known for gambling.  The surveillance tape shows her buying a sandwich and asking for directions to get out of state.  Riess cashed more than $10,000 in forged checks from her deceased husband’s business account.  Additionally, she spent multiple days gambling under different names before she made her next move, driving to Florida.  She abandoned her SUV in a Florida park after she befriended a woman that looked just like her, Pamela Hutchinson Riess’ plan was to impersonate her identity and steal her money.  Lois shot Pamela sometime between April 5th and April 9th with the same gun that she used when she murdered her husband.  She assumed her identity and stole her credit cards, drivers license, and car.  Riess withdrew $5,000 from Hutchinson’s account before she left Florida.  Authorities were notified that she was at a casino in Louisiana where she was gambling under her name and won $1,500 before she drove to Texas. Riess made it all the way to South Padre Island where someone recognized her at a restaurant and called authorities.  It only took the federal agents 25 minutes to arrive and arrest Riess.  Now she is sitting in a jail cell in Texas waiting to be expedited back to Lee County to face murder charges.  Riess is also being charged for grand theft of a motor vehicle, grand theft, and criminal use of personal identification. 

Personal Injury Minnesota Woman Suspected of Killing Husband Captured in Texas