Sport Bike Accident Attorney In Houston, TX

There are many different types of motorcycles on the market.  Each type of motorcycle has their specific purposes and dangers.  With the overall increase in motorcycle sales, one specific type of bike has become very popular, the sport bike. As opposed to a regular motorcycle, sports bikes can be classified as a high-performance motorcycle.  They are designed for fast speeds and optimum handling. They possess excellent acceleration and braking. Most sports bikes; also known as, super bikes or super sport bikes are intended for racing.  In the event of a motorcycle collision they can cause severe personal injury. Because of the extreme speeds that can occur on sports bikes, injuries can be vast. Injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, neck and back injuries, broken bones, and spinal cord injuries. Some accidents may even result in wrongful death.  In these instances, you need Houston’s Sport Bike Attorney.

Regardless of how safe or careful you are, you are still sharing the road with other drivers who can be grossly negligent at times. If you were in a sport bike accident, you can pursue compensation for your injuries. This includes pain and suffering, with the help of Walker Texas Lawyer, Houston’s Sport Bike Attorney.

Sport bike drivers and passengers tend to be more at risk for sever injuries due to the light weight of a sport bike when compared to heavier cruisers or choppers. Moreover, sport bikes can attain higher speeds much quicker than cruisers and choppers.  There is little protection for to riders. They will likely sustain the brunt of an accident’s impact. Additionally, they will most likely be thrown from their bike. Even with proper precautions like a helmet or other safety gear, a motorcyclist is at risk for life-changing injuries such as crushed bones and internal injuries to organs, deep lacerations, trauma to the head, neck and back, brain injury, and burn injuries.


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After a motorcycle collision, you and your loved ones may be under physical and emotional trauma.  Injury victims may suffer financial hardships due to medical bills.  Medical treatments and rehabilitation bills can add up quickly, especially if you are not able to work.

Are you looking for an attorney for your motorcycle accident case in Houston? Contact Walker Texas Lawyer today to schedule a free consultation.  Discuss your sport bike accident with a talented legal professional who understands what you are going through and how to help. Walker Texas Lawyer will pursue the maximum amount of compensation available for each and every client and will always fight hard to help you.