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What to do in an truck accident

What To Do If You Are In An 18-Wheeler Accident

Heavy commercial truck drivers need to exercise caution on the road.  The reason is that the sheer size and weight of 18-wheeler vehicles vastly exceed the size and weight of automobiles. As a result, truck accidents are far more deadly than other traffic-related collisions. Data compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration fully supports the…

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Tort law in Texas

Statutory Vs. Common Personal Injury Lawsuits

In America, our legal system is a collection of federal, state, and local laws often called the “body of laws”. There are two fundamental types of laws: statutory law and common law. Statutory law is the body of law created and enacted by the federal, state, and local governments. Common law, on the other hand,…

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Dont Apologize after a car crash

Should You Apologize After A Car Crash?

A car accident can be an overwhelming experience. Right after the accident you might feel shaken, frustrated or disoriented. Often, people feel the need to apologize even if the accident was not their fault. Some will say “I’m sorry” because they don’t know what else to say in an uncomfortable situation. Others may say “I…

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Texas Traffic Accident

Staying At Home Orders Did Little To Effect Traffic Fatalities

Over the last two months the coronavirus pandemic has kept many Texans at home. As one would expect, that has reduced traffic on Texas roads. However, the stay at home orders did little to curb traffic accidents. The Houston Chronicle reported that 241 people died on Texas roads in March. Traffic accidents were down only…

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Dash Cam For Car Accident

Dash Cams

Dash cams are new devices that are gaining popularity among motorist. While auto insurance companies are not quick to accept new technology, we are seeing evidence that these recording devices can be important for insurance claims. If you have not considered getting one for your car or truck, you should. It can help your case…

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Distracted Driving Car Accident

Distracted Driving

In 2017, “Distracted Driving” claimed over 3,000 lives, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This is 3,000 deaths that were preventable. Have you ever noticed that when you’re on the phone and watching a film, you can’t give both your full attention? This is due to your brain not being able to…

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Houston Gas Explosion

A Gas Explosion in Houston, Kills Two

A gas explosion caused a large fire and resulted in two deaths in Northwest Houston. A huge blast occurred that was felt miles away from the industrial site. A blast so ferocious that it moved homes off their foundations. The accident that occurred at an industrial plant, killed two men that worked at the site. In addition,…

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Chemical Fire

Port Neches Chemical Plant Explosion

An explosion occurred at the TPC chemical plant in Port Neches shortly after midnight on November 27, 2019. A number of structures at the facility caught fire, and plumes of black smoke could be seen in the air as far as 50 miles away from the site. The blast shattered windows in nearby neighborhoods. A…

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Move Over/ Slow down law

Texas Expands the Scope of The Move Over/Slow Down Law

We have all been driving down Texas roads and seen first responders (police, fire, or EMT’s) and tow truck drivers along the side of the road rendering assistance. Working on the side of the road in heavy traffic is a major part of their job. Every year, dozens of first responders are hurt or killed…

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