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The Pitfalls of NOT Carrying Uninsured Motorist Coverage

The Pitfalls of Not Carrying Uninsured Motorist Coverage In this article we will discuss the pitfalls of not carrying uninsured motorist coverage.  Imagine you have been injured in an auto accident and the person responsible for your injuries does NOT have insurance.  What should you do?  Fortunately, car insurance policies do offer you the ability…

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Walker Texas Lawyer Biker Attorney Lone Star Rally

Lone Star Rally Lawyer: Motorcycle Accident

Walker Texas Lawyer Presents: Lone Star Rally Tips This weekend, Galveston, Texas, will be the site of the largest four (4) day biker rally in the United States.  The Lone Star Rally begins Thursday, November 1, 2018, and will last through the weekend.  As many as 250k motorcycle enthusiasts and riders are expected to be…

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Houston Personal Injury Web Chat on abc13

Houston Personal Injury Web Chat on abc13 with Walker Texas Lawyer Houston Personal Injury Lawyer James S. Walker has some important holiday travel tips.  Before you hit the road this holiday season get informed on the best practices and precautions for traveling.  James Walker better known as Walker Texas Lawyer is joined by host Matt…

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Houston

Motorcycle Accident Houston: You Need a Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Houston: You Need a Lawyer Motorcycle Accident Houston: Know the Facts.  Although, many states require or urge motorcyclists to wear safety gear, this does not always prevent serious injuries from occurring. And, when compared to the safety features other motorists experience, they do not even compare. Based on data collected by the National…

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Brain Injury Lawyer Houston

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Houston Using his nearly 40 years of legal experience, Walker Texas Lawyer understands the physical, emotional, and financial burden that survivors of traumatic brain injury (TBI) face during their recovery.  James S. Walker, better known as Walker Texas Lawyer fights on behalf of traumatic brain injury victims and will aggressively seek…

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Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Injured in a Car Accident: Don’t be a Victim Twice

Injured in a Car Accident: Don’t be a Victim Twice Not all car accidents are the same.  If you have been injured in a car accident, dealing with an insurance company on your own can lead to bigger problems.  Insurance companies are in the business of collecting premiums, not in paying claims.  In fact, most…

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Road Hazard

Road Hazards

Not all road accidents occur because of driver’s negligence, some occur majorly because of road hazards. Hundreds of accidents happen every year in Texas due to damaged and poorly maintained roads which turn into a road hazard. A recent report in 2015 concluded that more than half of the fatalities on the country’s highways occurred…

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Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful Death Claims

Losing a loved one is never easy. However, if the death is due to somebody else’s malicious plans, greed, negligence, incompetence or fraud, the pain is even more excruciating. If you have lost someone to a wrongful death, you are not alone. Wrongful death lawsuits are quite common with multiple of cases where individuals suffered…

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Avoid 18-Wheeler Accidents

Although 18-wheelers are essential for transporting food, commodities, equipment, materials, etc. from one part of country to another, they are the prime reasons of severe accidents that happen every year in U.S. 18-wheeler accidents cause severe injuries and in some tragic cases, loss of life. Such incidents happen mostly when a large 18-wheeler truck hit…

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