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Walker Texas Lawyer Summer Travel Tips

Texas Summer Travel Tips

Texas Summer Travel Tips Traveling around the world is a reason why so many people work hard. They want to explore and see things that they, at one point, could only dream of. Traveling should be fun and filled with excitement. Walker Texas Lawyer has some helpful Summer Travel Tips Often travelers have an experience of a lifetime in…

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Texting Driving Statistics Houston

Texting and Driving Statistics

Texting Driving Statistics There are many distractions while driving. Walker Texas Lawyer discusses Texting Driving Statistics. Eating while driving, reading emails, applying makeup, using a navigation system, talking on the phone, and reading or sending a text message are all examples of distracted driving. The 3 main distractions are visual, manual, and cognitive. Respectively, taking your eyes…

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Industrial Accident Houston

Industrial Accident Houston Kills a Man at a Recycling Plant

Industrial Accident Houston Claims Life of a 26 Year Old Father Imagine starting a new job. The excitement of learning another skill is part of the joy of landing a new position at a company. That is what one man was expecting when he started at a Houston recycling plant. Just 4 days into his new position he…

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Tree Accident Injury Houston

A Tree Accident Claims the Life of a Houston Mother

A Tree Accident Claims the Life of a Houston Woman A Tree Accident has claimed the life of a Houston mother. The woman was found in the north-east part of Houston lying on her driveway with the tree limb over her head. Apparently, her young son watched the horrific incident happen. He tried to wake…

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Tire Failure leads to car accidents

Tire Failure Attorney James Walker

Automobile Tire Failure Tire Failure Attorney James Walker shares his thoughts on potential summer driving hazards. Known for its heat, Houston has experienced surprisingly cool weather this spring, but don’t let that fool you. All Houstonians know that summer is coming and that means tire blowout season is too. Houston Tire Failure Attorney James Walker…

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Walker Texas Lawyer promotes Earth Day

Houston Attorney James Walker Promotes Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22, 2018. What began in America in 1970 as a day to promote environmental awareness has become a year-round global campaign to protect and conserve the Earth and its resources. Today we celebrate Earth day. Here are 11 facts for all to know and make a change to your day to…

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Lois Riess

Minnesota Woman Suspected of Killing Husband Captured in Texas

Lois Riess was finally arrested on April 20th, 2018 around 8:30pm at a restaurant in South Padre, Texas.¬† Lois Riess is a 56-year-old Minnesota woman who is suspected of murdering her husband and Pamela Hutchinson, a 59-year-old Florida woman.¬† Two federal deputy marshals arrested her in the beach resort community which is only 27 miles…

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Aviation Lawyer

Aviation Accident: 1 Killed, Several Injured on Southwest Airlines

Aviation Accident Lawyer Houston Walker Texas Lawyer weighs in on Southwest Airlines Tragedy Aviation Accident Lawyer in Houston, Walker Texas Lawyer weighed in on the Southwest Airlines Tragedy. “There’s no room for error when it comes to engine maintenance, repair, inspection and airline safety. Furthermore there must be a reevaluation of the amount of time…

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Motorcycle Lawyer - Accident Attorney

Houston Motorcycle Lawyer Discusses Motorcycle Safety

Houston Motorcycle Lawyer Discusses Motorcycle Safety Motorcycle Lawyer, Jim Walker better known as Walker Texas Lawyer reminds you that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Here are some safety tips from a Motorcycle Lawyer that may help you stay on your bike and come home safely. Imagine the air around you on an opened road feeling…

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