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If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, you have the right to pursue financial compensation.

Compensation for the emotional, physical, and monetary damages you have suffered. By filing a personal injury claim, you can hold the person or entity responsible and accountable for their negligence. Working with Walker Texas Lawyer increases your chances of receiving compensation. As well as, obtaining the justice you deserve. When you need legal counsel, you can count on Houston’s Personal Injury Lawyer, Walker Texas Lawyer.


James Walker is a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston, Texas.  He has over 35 years of legal experience and has helped over 25,000 clients. This means he has demonstrated his extensive knowledge of legal procedures. He knows how to handle insurance companies.  If insurance companies refuse to give you a fair shake, he will take the insurance companies to court. He knows the law inside and out. He knows what he’s doing.

If you were in an accident or treated unfairly, we want to put our knowledge of the law to work for you today. Give the Texas personal injury lawyer a call at (713) 552-1117 or fill out our free initial consultation form. Remember our No Fee Guarantee means that you will not Pay Unless You Win.

Member Of The Top 100 Trial Lawyers

The National Trial Lawyers is a professional organization composed of the top trial lawyers from across the country.  These are lawyers that exemplify superior qualifications as civil plaintiff or criminal defense trial lawyers. If you go to trial, you want a member from this organization for handle your case.  James Walker is member of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers.

Cases We Handle

Whether an injury occurred by a vehicle accident, a dangerous product, at a job, or in any other situation involving negligence, responsible parties need to be accountable for their actions. Walker Texas Lawyer is an advocate for his clients. Below is a list of Personal Injury issues that James Walker handles:

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Trying injury lawsuits, also known as tort claims, are one of the most important functions of the civil courts today. The number of lawsuits filed on an annual basis has been decreasing. Fewer lawsuits should mean fewer people getting hurt. However, injuries due to negligence have not decreased at the same rate.

What has caused this discrepancy is tort legislation lobbied by insurance companies in state legislatures. Insurance companies have made everyone believe that there is a high rate of huge verdicts awarded to victims. However, studies have shown that jury verdicts awarding huge amounts in compensation to injury victims do not happen very often. Nevertheless, certain types of damages have been capped. Legislatures are making it more difficult to hold insurance companies accountable. Thus, the insurance lobby has successfully guarded the insurance companies at the expense of the victim. Personal injury attorneys are who you need to fight these insurance companies. Personal Injury Lawyers are the only arm of the law that speaks on behalf of consumers and everyday people.

Accident Injury Lawyer

Jim Walker is a personal injury lawyer. He fights to ensure that people who are suffering from personal injuries do not lose their rights. Whether you are in a truck accident, motorcycle accident, industrial accident, or injured at another’s expense, Walker Texas Lawyer will fight for you. Your life matters. Your injuries matter. He won’t allow anyone to hurt you without facing the consequences.

We can handle all your Personal Injury Claims:
Aviation Accidents
Bicycle Accidents
Car Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
18 Wheeler Truck Accidents
Brain Injury
Chemical Exposure
Industrial Accident
Slip and Fall
Spine Injury
Plant Explosions
Forklift Accident

Houston Car Accident Lawyer

What Are My Legal Options

The benefit of consulting with a personal injury attorney is that they are able to discuss all your legal options with you. There are many misconceptions about what happens when you file a lawsuit. People often envision facing off in a courtroom.

The reality is that most personal injury lawsuits result in settlements. Only 4 to 5 percent of those cases actually go to trial. Trials are more expensive and time-consuming, so it is usually in everyone’s best interests to come up with a fair settlement. A settlement simply means that the injured party accepts an amount of compensation from the responsible party (or parties). In return, you agree not to seek any further damages from them.

Accident Injury Claims

Personal injury claims are civil lawsuits. It’s possible that a criminal case against the negligent party (such as a drunk driver) will take place while you are pursuing your civil case. However, those two claims are entirely separate and handled by different attorneys applying different Texas statutes.

In Texas, there is a two-year statute of limitations to file a claim against a negligent party. Sometimes the extent of the injuries is so uncertain that it can be wise to wait to file suit. You may want to fully understand what your ultimate outcome will be. However, you still should talk to an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. You don’t want to miss the deadline or risk that valuable evidence goes missing. Any case submitted after the statue of limitations will likely not come to fruition.

Statute of Limitations in Texas

In General, the personal injury statute of limitations in Texas is two years from the date of the accident. If you are going to file a lawsuit you must do so within this time span. You can learn more about the law by clicking here.

There are exceptions that can extend and/or shorten a limitations period. One example of extending the date is called tolling. Time limitations can be extended if the injured individual was a minor at the time of the incident occurred. When they turn 18, the standard two-year statute of limitations becomes active.

Additionally, if you are in an accident with a government entity in Texas, you may have other provisions you may need to comply with. Some municipalities have very short notice provisions from a few months to six months. It is very important that you understand the provisions that may apply to such entity.

There are other legal deadlines that can impact a personal injury claim in Texas. If you have any issues or questions regarding a potential limitation or the timing of a personal injury claim contact Walker Texas Lawyer Today! He is the Texas Personal Injury Lawyer.

How a Personal Injury Case Reaches a Settlement

A settlement occurs when the defendant agrees to pay the plaintiff a specified amount of money to end the case. This is how most personal injury lawsuits end. A settlement avoids the legal costs to the insurance companies of taking the case so trial. Typically, a settlement will occur before a lawsuit is even filed.

While there is no way to determine the exact cost of a settlement. There are several factors that are taken into consideration:

  • The amount of medical bills
  • Severity of injuries
  • The estimated duration of the recovery period
  • Economic and non-economic damages

Why Walker Texas Lawyer

If you have been in a serious accident, you may wonder how an accident lawyer can help you. Below are a few reasons why you need an injury attorney. As well as, why Walker Texas Lawyer is the choice for you:

  • Analyze your situation during a free consultation. Additionally, James Walker will offer you an assessment of your potential case. As well as your best legal options.
  • Determine who should be held responsible for your injuries.
  • Help you secure proper medical treatment for your injuries.
  • Work to get your vehicle repaired or replaced by the responsible insurance company.
  • Conduct an independent investigation into the actual cause of the accident.
  • James Walker will discover the sources of insurance coverage. Furthermore, he will search for other potential sources of compensation.
  • Attain witness accounts of the accident.
  • Gather and compile evidence from the accident. This includes thoroughly reviewing photos, personal accounts, and the police report.
  • Work with medical experts, vocational experts, financial experts to fully account for all of your losses due to the accident.
  • Consult with accident reconstructionist and other experts as deemed necessary. This is to demonstrate how the crash happened. Additionally, to determine who was responsible.
  • Calculate the full extent of your losses due to the accident.
  • If necessary, James Walker will pursue your claim in court. He wants to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Walker will be your advocate at the negotiating table.
  • James Walker will handle all communications and negotiations with insurance companies. So, if they call you, you can tell them, “Talk to my lawyer.”
  • Walker will be your advocate at the negotiating table.
  • Build a solid case for compensation.

No matter the extent of the injuries or type of accident you have been injured in, call Walker Texas Lawyer today. He knows what is at stake and will do everything possible to fight for the compensation that you deserve

Want to know more about how to you to file a claim? Call today at (713) 552-1117. We are here to fight for you.

Frequently Asked Personal Injury Questions

Walker Texas Lawyer has represented over 25,000 clients in personal injury cases. Therefore, Walker knows what is important to clients.  Additionally, he recognizes how to best protect his clients interest before, during, and after their lawsuit.

In legal terms, personal injury refers to any damages suffered by a person as the result of another individual or entity, such as a business. Contrary to popular belief, personal injury is not limited to physical damages or visible injuries alone. They may also include emotional injuries, including mental anguish.

Essentially, a personal injury claim is a lawsuit brought by a victim or their family. The claim is against a defendant who caused their injuries and losses. Personal injury claims will focus on proving that another person or entity caused damages to a victim. Additionally, that they are financially liable for compensating the victim for their losses.

Additionally, you want to hire an attorney that works on a contingency fee.  This way you are not out of pocket.

This is the reason initial consultations are so important.  A personal injury lawyer will help you determine if you have a valid claim.  Walker Texas Lawyer will ask the questions regarding your injury, do some investigation, and let you know if your case fits within the definition of negligence.  If it does, then you have a case.  If not, then at least you will know.  Either way, the best way is to schedule your FREE initial consultation with Walker Texas Lawyer today!  Walker Texas Lawyer works on a contingency fee.

The potential value of your personal injury claim will depend on a number of factors. Factors such as, unique circumstances, and facts relating to your specific case. It would be nearly impossible to reach a figure that estimates your claim’s worth without first analyzing your case. However, this is often figured by medical bills, severity of injuries, estimated duration of the recovery period. As well as, your lost wages and other considerations.

Walker Texas Lawyer knows that each client and each case is unique. By providing personalized case evaluations we will be better able to assess the extent of your damages to determine the potential merits of your claim.

It depends on the type of defendant. For example, lawsuits against corporations are usually paid out by the corporation itself (unless the company had a relevant insurance claim). Individual defendants are usually paid by their insurance companies or out of their personal assets if they have enough to compensate your injuries. The other party’s insurance pays car accident claims.

Not all personal injury cases extend into the trial phase. In fact, negotiations can settle most personal injury claims. There are cases in which defendants dispute claims or otherwise fail to offer settlements that meet the needs of victim. In these cases, your right to trial can be a powerful tool in the hands of a capable attorney.

There are laws protecting you from “retaliation” from your employer. When you file a claim against your employer, they cannot fire you for it, directly or indirectly. For instance, if your hours were cut soon after filing your lawsuit, then your employer could be in even more trouble. Your right to sue is well protected. Especially if you hire an attorney with employment law knowledge.

We have used Attorney James Walker on more than one occasion to assist us with business law and he has been tenacious and exceptional. And regarding his experience in personal injury law, he's one of the best. He's represented numerous friends and has always done a great job of getting them top dollar for their cases. On a side note, you won't find a more honest, reputable and available attorney to speak with about your case than Jim Walker. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Flagged Entertainment
Flagged Entertainment
17:13 04 Sep 19
Over the past several years, Walker and his staff have helped both myself and my family with various legal matters. They have never been anything short of professional, polite, and helpful. Walker and his assistant Virginia make sure to go the extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied.
Christian Gratzer
Christian Gratzer
14:33 14 Aug 19
Great firm with amazing people who work hard and try to do right by their clients. Recommend them to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney!
Stoney L.
Stoney L.
14:31 14 Aug 19
I have nothing but great things to say about Mr. Walker and his team. They were kind, knowledgeable and helpful!
M Fangmann
M Fangmann
21:15 09 Aug 19
A great settlement and worked extremely hard. I'm very happy with the results of my case. I would highly recommend James Walker to anyone.
Sanel Bulic
Sanel Bulic
20:54 09 Aug 19
Jim Walker gets the job done!
Paul Ranges
Paul Ranges
14:55 22 Jun 19
Jim Walker has been our companies lawyer for the past 5 years and in that time has become a part of the family. He’s been very hands on with all our needs and would highly recommend.
07:32 22 Feb 18
There is no hyperbole here folks, Walker is the best of the best. Not only did he win my case but he kept me sane the enter time too. The entire staff at his law firm is polite, knowledgeable and top-notch. If you need a lawyer, look no further because Walker is fantastic!
Telly Bistis
Telly Bistis
23:04 06 Feb 18
In a world where trust is hard to come by it’s refreshing to see a law firm that actually cares about their clients and treat them like family and are not about the (almighty dollar) but to look out for the best interest of their client.
Nate Laws
Nate Laws
21:33 05 Feb 18
Walker Texas Lawyer was the most helpful person I've talked to. Even though I wasn't in his field of law, he helped me reach out to someone that could help him, and gave me as many details as he could from his expertise in the field. I would highly recommend visiting him if you need any help with legal battles.
Kirby Carreon
Kirby Carreon
21:06 05 Feb 18
Walker's personal touch is unmatched. I never have to worry about calling the office and not reaching anyone, because I always do. More times than not, a lawyer is something you need more than something you want. With that said, I feel secure with Walker in my corner and I never have to question if he and his staff have my back. He's a great person to have on your side during difficult times. I refer all my friends and family to him.
Kyle Hubbard
Kyle Hubbard
20:20 11 Jan 18
Not only does he put his full heart into everything that he does but he also fights very hard for the right cause and gets you what you deserve. He fights hard and tough but also stays extremely honest and so very kind to all of his clients. I've never met anyone in my life, a more motivated, strategic, go-getter lawyer than Walker. He changed my whole world with what he did for my family. We would have never been able to get the justice that was needed without him. I could never in my life thank him enough for what he did for my family. If you want someone strong willed, a fighter, and someone that goes above and beyond for justice and his clients...then you have found the right Law firm. I wish I could give a million stars cause 5 just isn't enough. If you need to ask me about my experience personally feel free to message me. He never gave up on me....and I thank him beyond words.-Bri
Bri Heath
Bri Heath
20:12 11 Jan 18
Mr. Walker took on my family member's case and did a magnificent job. He treated my family like his own and worked very hard on it. If you need a lawyer for you or a loved one, Walker should be your first call.
Brad Gilmore
Brad Gilmore
16:46 04 Dec 17
When you need someone you can depend on Jim Walker will fight for you all the way for you! He got me top dollar for my car wreck case, he's no push over and will tell you like it is, which is refreshing and good news for you as a client because he treats the insurance company the same way! I highly recommend him because of his work ethic and because he actually talks to his clients, unlike a lot of lawyers.
David Young
David Young
20:18 28 Nov 17

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