In this age of selfies and smartphones, it is practically a reflex for most people to take their phone immediately and start taking pictures when something worthy of mention happens. It is all very well that this instinct is causing people to take pictures of the scenes of traffic accidents in which they may have been involved or have witnessed. What is not so good is that these pictures are not always as useful as they could be to build a strong claim for car accident injuries. You need to attain strong photographic evidence.

Important points of reference and details that could help make the difference between a strong case and a very strong case may be missing. If you are ever witness an accident, photographic evidence is your undeniable ally and increases the weight of your claim. It cannot be changed or tampered. To protect yourself from false accusations by the responsible party, take as many photographs of the vehicle accident scene as you can. Photographic evidence can definitely boost your legal claim and improve its credibility and financial importance.

Why is Photographic Evidence so Important?

The photos and videos taken at the scene of the accident provide the complete story of how the accident actually happened. They also give clear and graphic evidence of property loss and personal injuries. The verbal claims might get blurry after a few weeks of the accidents, but photographic evidence will always remain as fresh as the day it was taken.

What to photograph at the time of the accident?

Photograph the Vehicles

Properly photograph the damaged vehicles and the accident spot. Click enough pictures to show the position of the vehicles at the time of the accident.

No matter what part of your car is damaged, even if it’s a bumper or the rear panel, just take the picture. Also, make sure to get your license plates. Take enough photos from every angle.

Snap photos not only of your car but the other car as well, so they don’t claim more than the actual damage. Also, photograph the license plates of the other driver’s car.

Take photos of the broken glass scattered over the road and whatever damage was caused by the accident to the surrounding property, whether its private or public. All these little details will come in handy with your claim.

Capture the entire scene

Make sure that you capture everything. Whether it’s the damaged vehicles, the eyewitnesses or the third party, you need to cover it all. Leave no stone unturned. No detail is too small.

If the eyewitnesses allow it, record their statements and take their names and phone numbers. Recording the statements of eyewitnesses can prove quite beneficial for your claim.

Click pictures of emergency staff

Take photos of the police, fire squad, rescue staff, fire trucks, and other emergency response teams. Record the statement of any above-mentioned officials for better evidence.

Photograph injuries

Take pictures of the injuries caused to the passengers, the driver at fault, or any pedestrians.

When you have all the proof of the accident, you will be in a stronger position.  Insurance companies often train their company’s adjusters to close the claim for the smallest amount of money. Do not let them do that.

All the photographic evidence you have will make your position legally stronger. Consult a personal injury attorney. Our Law Firm will provide you with all legal help regarding your claim.

It’s common for both of the drivers to blame each other driver for the accident, but if you have photographic evidence and our firm on your side, none will dare to mess with your claim.

After An Accident Contact An Attorney

It is important to know that before you file for compensation for the damages, you must be able to present a strong and compelling case. Rather you are in an accident with a 18 wheeler truck or an automobile accident, without a strong case that shows how and why the other driver is at fault, you may miss out on compensation that you are otherwise entitled to.  Walker Texas Lawyer, the car accident lawyer, will utilize the necessary professionals and tools to analyze your case and if warranted uncover and present the facts necessary to support a strong and compelling claim.

Initially it may seem like that the insurance company representatives are on your side. Although, you should keep in mind that insurance companies are in the business to make a profit and are not in the business to look after your needs. That is why you need a lawyer who you can trust to work in your favor and secure fair compensation.

Walker Texas Lawyer has over 35 years of experience and knows how the damage caused by car accidents can leave a lasting impact on your life. We ensure that our clients receive top-notch representation. We will protect our clients’ legal rights. When you choose Walker Texas Lawyer as your car injury attorney, your case is in good hands. You will receive excellent service that will help you successfully recover all the damages owed to you. With Walker Texas Lawyer you do not pay until you receive your damage payments. Give Walker Texas Lawyer the Houston Car Accident Lawyer a call today for your free consultation.

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