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Tragic Workplace Accident: Worker Crushed by Vehicle

Earlier in 2018, a man was crushed to death in a workplace accident in an auto shop in Katy, Texas.  He was underneath the vehicle, a truck, when the jack slipped and the truck fell on him.  It happened at Premier Off Road and Performance off the Grand Parkway.  There were two workers that witnessed the terrible accident.   

Automotive repair shops have vast safety issues they must pass an inspection for every year.  Lift safety is one of the major issues that these shops must keep up with.  All shops have an annual lift inspection that will identify any malfunctions or potential hazards before they become a major problem.  The inspections are done so that workers can do their job safely.  All are there to ensure that the lifts are installed the right way, functioning correctly, and properly maintained.  Auto repair shops can be fined if they have not had their lifts inspected within that past year and cannot provide evidence of an inspection.  The industry is more concerned with national safety standards than they are laws or regulations. The national safety standards were created by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and are funded by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI).            

According to R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman, president of the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), doing so will not only prevent catastrophic failure, but also help your shop avoid OSHA fines. When an inspector discovers a maintenance issue as part of an annual inspection program, he says, the shop will usually have time to schedule a repair before it becomes a serious problem. 

For repair shops and the repair industry in order to avoid workplace accidents, it is crucial for them to be certain they adhere to national safety standards.  Repair shops not only have to keep up with the maintenance machinery in their shops, but also must provide proper training for their operators.  All training and scheduled maintenance must be documented or the company can face fines or citations.  If a company is given a citation it is very common for the citation to refer to OSHA’s General Duty Clause, stating that “an employer shall furnish to each of his employee’s employment and a place of employment that are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees.”    

Lift stations can be dangerous and lead to a workplace accident at anytime.  Though many states only require one inspection a year it is important for the operators and technicians to habitually check lifts daily to ensure safety and functionality.  

Workplace Accident Tragic Workplace Accident: Worker Crushed by Vehicle