A device roughly comparable to airplane crash investigation devices can is often inside many modern vehicles. These records can record crucial data seconds leading up to impact (and sometimes even afterward). These devices allow automakers to make improvements based off real world experiences. However, this data can also help you in the event of an accident.

Your car probably does have a black box. If you’ve been in an accident, the data captured by your vehicle’s black box or that of the at-fault party may help your case. Though it will depend on what type of evidence is needed for court proceedings.

Event Data Recorder

Your vehicle’s EDR or electronic control module is this “black box”. It records technical information about the car before, during and after crashes. These devices have been placed in cars since the early 2000’s. The manufacturers goal is to help analyze accidents to prevent them in the future. However, if you are in an accident they can help prove the negligent party.

Your vehicle’s “black box” is often located under the passenger seat, driver’s seat, or center console of the car. You can likely find the information about your car’s EDR in your owner’s manual.

What Data Is Recorded?

EDR systems are automotive devices that monitor how well your car performs in an incident. Initially designed as a safety measure. EDR systems can record information about what happened to you or the vehicle around time of the collision. Vehicle manufacturers had these EDRs installed so they could determine where things went wrong when it comes down for litigation purposes. Today some attorneys are using data recorded by these systems for litigation.

Your car’s EDR system likely records the following information if you’re involved in a crash.

  • Seat belt use
  • Vehicle speed
  • Acceleration and deceleration speeds
  • Airbag deployment times
  • Use of brakes
  • Tilt of the vehicle
  • Steering angles
  • Force of impact

The EDR is a valuable tool for any Houston car accident lawyer. The recording only contains information beginning 20 seconds before the crash. Yet it can be an important piece in your investigation process. Especially if you’re looking into what happened to cause or contribute towards someone’s injuries in an auto collision. A few models even use GPS tracking. A few can pull video or audio from inside vehicles. This helps provide clarity about how events unfolded leading up until impact.

Getting the computer data from an at-fault vehicle can establish facts and cut off defenses or excuses for a car accident. Without that info, experts hired by defense lawyers might be able to estimate speed. Witness testimony can skew information on how fast things happened when they saw them happen. However, there’s no way for false evidence if the vehicle happened if you recorded your trip on video! If we have proof not just of braking actions (which is important) but also footage showing us speeding before impact. Then liability will never come into question again in court. Video recordings are ironclad. You can also buy a video recording device for your car.

Getting a car or truck accident lawyer to help before the vehicles are destroyed can save you from getting taken advantage of by insurance companies.

Preserving Evidence

Your EDR will regularly erase data in order to make room for new recordings. Some devices begin erasing recorded information after 30 days. This can cause important evidence from an accident to go missing before you even go court. Also specific actions can trigger automatic purges.

For instance, your data may be reset when your vehicle is getting repaired. Furthermore, if the vehicle in question is a company vehicle, the company may own the EDR data. You may need a court order to get it. Also, the company may destroy the data before you had the opportunity to preserve it.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, you should contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you preserve all evidence surrounding your auto collision or truck accident case.

How To Attain The Computer Data

Accessing the data in your vehicle is subject to a specific process and Texas state laws. For the vehicle owner’s privacy, there are four reasons a third party can legally obtain the data from your vehicle’s black box.

  • With the owner’s consent
  • The use of a court order
  • To diagnose, service, or repairing the vehicle
  • Vehicle safety research

You likely want to know what is on you EDR. The black box in your car is an important device that records valuable information after a crash. You should never try to access it yourself. This can be damage the device and cause errors if not done correctly. Thus losing precious evidence. Proper access of the EDR requires software, hardware and cables designed for the box. You should use experts that know how attain and read the data accurately!

Hire a Car or Truck Collision Specialist Attorney

The black box data from your vehicle can provide valuable information about any accidents you are involved in. The EDR (Electronic Data Recorder) has more reliable and objective evidence than accounts given by eyewitnesses or traditional reconstruction techniques. It’s vital that this crucial computerized record are used for an accurate outcome!

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, finding the right personal injury attorney quickly. This is an essential step to preserve evidence to help you fight your case. You need to make sure your black box data isn’t lost and protected. Memories fade with time. Evidence gets worn away or lost over time. That can be very bad news in a lawsuit. A lawyer can help you preserve this data to help you achieve the most compensation possible.

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